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50 thoughts on “Alexander Hamilton W/ Lyrics – Lyrics new.

  1. samiha hamzayeva says:

    Me *trying to sing/rap all the parts*: In New York you ca- Just you wait- be a new man, we fought with him, me? i died for him, me? i trusted him, me? I loved him, And me? i'm the damn fool that shot him, ALEXANDER HAMILTON
    Me: panting at the end, out of breath

  2. Viper Hamilton says:

    People say that none of this would have happened if Burr just said "No" to being Himslef and though I agree,the lyrics said he had ruined pride from his cousin committing suicide and that's what drove him to be what he is/was. So,What I am trying to say here is…Wouldnt it make more sence if alot of the reason he is remembered and was able to do all he did is the message he got from his cousins death?.

  3. Kitty Unicorn4 says:

    Hehehe when I learn about Alexander Hamilton and the revolution imma be a pro

    (I’m learning about Henry viii at the current moment and um my fav musical is six sooo I’m my history teachers fav XD)

  4. SilverAuraEevee says:

    “When America sings for you, will they know what you overcame?”
    Guys I think they’re onto us…

    Someone already posted something like this didn’t they?

  5. Brandon James says:

    Teacher: Are you finished with your test?
    Alexander: There’s a million things I haven’t done
    Teacher: Hurry up!
    Alexander: Just you wait!
    Aaron: What a bastard

  6. Cheri Bonnefoy says:

    I've never realized this before but when you put Lauren/Philip like that both of them "died for Hamilton" (Since Philip went to the duel because that one dude shamed his father :/)

  7. 1̴-̴8̸0̷0̴-̶R̴A̵N̴Y̷A̴-̵D̶A̶V̸I̷N̵A̵ says:

    I love how we all collectively decided that this is the song we'll sing on our own. Like, "Yup, this is the perfect song to do a solo on!" Not Helpless, or Satisfied, or anything like that. Just, this one. This one.

  8. cat craft says:

    Alex had it worse then Benedict Arnold who became a traitor yet Alex held his ground his family did suicide and also got sick yet he survived and fought next to George Washington 😢 wow!

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