Benny Blanco – Graduation (Lyrics) ft. Juice Wrld – New Songs Lyrics

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Benny Blanco – Graduation (Lyrics) ft. Juice Wrld | Top best songs.

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 Benny Blanco - Graduation (Lyrics) ft. Juice Wrld on
Benny Blanco – Graduation (Lyrics) ft. Juice Wrld

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46 thoughts on “Benny Blanco – Graduation (Lyrics) ft. Juice Wrld – New Songs Lyrics

  1. BMX Dellish says:

    He told us He got "Robbed"

    He is "wishing well" for everyone

    He really liked his "lucid dreams"

    He was "Righteous" About love

    He really liked to "Smile"

    He was "Armed & Dangerous"

    He told to his fans to "Stay high"

    He "can't die"

    He was "Fast"

    He liked to hang with his homies that had skin "Black & White"

    He wants you to "Hear me Calling"

    We all Trusted him that "All Girls are the same"

  2. iamakidok says:

    “999 represents taking whatever ill, whatever bad situation, whatever struggle you're going through and turning it into something positive to push yourself forward,”-Juice WRLD.

  3. Yan Xuan says:

    Graduated I few hours ago😭, there goes my first 10years of official education from sg(asia),there goes my first 10 year, it is so sad,I dont like school bc is stressful,in terms of education,but I like my friends,especially being in a girl school,moving on to the next level of education,knowing that I will not meet my friends which some i meet every school day for the past 10 years,as a student leader and I Red Cross Youth leader in my school, it is hard to leave being of all the bond,especially with my classmates,campmates and juniors,who are those who shape me to be who i am tdy,at least we get to do it physically,just that our parents are on zoom

  4. Maaz Naveed says:

    listening to this on Thursday 24 September 2020. you might find my comments on some other songs or some random vids, my goal is to comment on every single vid I watch, even if it makes no sense, if u have already seen my comment somewhere so lemme know!

  5. Jake says:

    School for me was a place where mr and my friends would meet and arrange a Call of Duty Bo2,MW2 etc. Party….racing to our house just to play xbox….now my life full of problems

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