Better than a Hallelujah (lyrics) Amy Grant – Kho video học tiếng Anh qua bài hát hữu ích nhất

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Better than a Hallelujah (lyrics) Amy Grant | Tổng hợp video học tiếng Anh qua bài hát hay nhất.

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Better than a Hallelujah (lyrics) Amy Grant
Better than a Hallelujah (lyrics) Amy Grant

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The message of this song is so awesome, i love it so much, and i love the artist as well, Amy Grant. God loves us no matter who we are, He doesn’t care at all, as long as we do have an honest, broken heart in front of HIM….billions of angels will gonna rejoice….alright….finally, I got this video done, I’ve been having some issues with the video editor…..well, thank GOD now its okay ,,,, be blessed guyzzzz… :). Hy vọng rằng những bái hát về nội dung lời bài hát hallelujah mà chúng tôi cung cấp sẽ có nhiều giá trị cho bạn. Xin chân thành cảm ơn.

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39 thoughts on “Better than a Hallelujah (lyrics) Amy Grant – Kho video học tiếng Anh qua bài hát hữu ích nhất

  1. Janet McAuley says:

    I take it that God loves to hear an honest plea from his children than a packaged hallelujah with no true repentance behind it. The woman got a divorce, she married another man they have been married more than 11 years. Perhaps her divorce is between her and God now the planet and her as it is none of our business none of us is perfect none can cast stones and perhaps we should deal with our own lives and journey with the Lord and leave others to theirs. He came to die for our sins, he is the only one that can judge. We are meant to spread the word of God the love of God the sacrifice of God, the enduring support of God. Personally I like this song I think an honest lullaby cry, prayer or song means a great deal to the savior because it is honest he doesn't like that we suffer, but we do sometimes for our own good and come out the other side better sons and daughters. That is my belief, you can take it or leave it as my walk with God is mine and I try very hard not tojudge or speak ill of others that is just me, you all must follow your own walk with him

  2. Joanna Vasudevan says:

    This is such a beautiful song! God loves it when we come to him with our miseries as well as happiness. We find it easy to praise God in the good times. We often forget Him in the troubles we face. God invites us to come and talk it over with Him…. Both the good and the bad! 

  3. Fiyinfoluwa Adekoya says:

    I do not believe the words of this song are right because they do not have biblical backings.
    Who has ever been through great misery like that of Job in the word of God, without a single cause (SIN) and yet he praised God in his predicament and his latter end was far greater than his past.
    In fact God is interested in those who will not only say a hallelujah to him in issues of happiness, but those who will praise him in misery. It shows faith, it moves him to action, and it impresses him a lot. That is why Abraham the father of faith had so much faith in his childless predicament that it was accounted unto him for righteousness! 
    As opposed to this, the grumbling, murmurings and dejection of the children of Israel in the wilderness led them to their destruction because they belittled God and forgot all he has done in the past because of their misery, which God had in mind to show his great might to their enemies.
    Nothing just happens, it all has a reason, but we all enjoy God's joy, peace and restoration when we shout hallelujah to him in total trust and praise.
    Staying in misery and dejection because of life's challenges delights the enemy, but when we rise up in praise, it not only moves God to action on our behalf, it sends the enemy running far away because he knows that when God arises and stamps his big foot all our enemies, miseries, problems and sorrows scatter!
    Wow! Hallelujah!
    An heavenly language!
    A song of victory!

  4. Kathy Sternes says:

    Thanks for posting this – I have loved Amy Grants music for over 20 years – just supurb.  Thank you Amy for a lifetime of music!  God bless.

  5. Julie Poteete says:

    Who cares who wrote it?  It is an amazing song !  And really, Alicia how can you hear the song and then say something negative ?  God loves his children, 

  6. cynthiahadley says:

    These people that are commenting on this song and stating that God wants to see us suffer is COMPLETELY missing the point.  The point is…God wants to see and hear those that are suffering or have made bad choices to reach out to him…for strength, purpose, forgiveness, grace….etc! Of course he wants us to sing our hallelujahs and thanks as well but just as the thief on the cross was forgiven because he reached out to Jesus in all of his suffering. This song is not saying God things our pain and suffering is the melody….the melody is our cry out for Him in our time of need. Reaching for Him rather than the devil.

  7. Dana Broer says:

    I love this song!  I saw some of the comments about the confusion in the lyrics.  Lyrics are always open for interpretation, but I see it as humility.  This song to me means humbling myself to God in the darkest of times and that God hears me.  I don't think it promotes sin or is irresponsible.  I didn't grow up really knowing anything about God and I made decisions that devastated me.  When I humbled myself and accepted His love, He saw me as a beautiful mess with a beautiful life before me.  I cried out in the middle of the night and had tears of shame for what I had done, but He saw that as the beginning of my incredible journey.  I know He cried for me but also cried tears of joy when I turned my life to Him.  And some melodies are sad but filled with hope…

  8. osky2558 says:

    People misunderstand the message. It's not that God loves to see us suffer. What He loves is that we are sincere in asking for forgiveness. What sounds like a melody to Him is that WE ARE ASKING HIM FOR HELP AND PEACE. HE LOVES IT THAT WE ARE ASKING HIM AND CALLING OUT TO HIM! IF WE CRY OUT TO HIM THEN THAT MEANS THAT WE ARE THINKING ABOUT HIM AND THAT'S WHAT HE LOVES. A lot of you are relating this to your children. ok no none of us would enjoy seeing our kids cry but it's not that. Wouldn't you love the fact that your child is crying out for help to YOU and not hiding the pain or crying in a corner. wouldn't you love the fact that your child is crying out to you and only you with a sincere heart asking for help? WOULDN'T THAT SOUND LIKE A MELODY TO YOU? THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT AMY GRANT IS TRYING TO SAY ABOUT GOD WITH THIS SONG.

  9. Timothy Eberly says:

    Just a few thoughts…. This song is irresponsible on many levels. 1) How does she know God likes painful cries more than joyous outbursts? 2) What kind of hallelujah is she comparing this too?

    Did Jesus laugh and rejoice when told that Lazarus had died? This song seems to communicate that God loves our misery. If God loved my misery more than my praise, then I wouldn't want to have anything to do with him.  

  10. Timothy Stevens says:

    I have proven this to be so true It trumps religion. It is how to reach God and how God reaches us. He must hear our cry and when he does he comes running. Amy Grant probably knows what she sings about. So glad she is still at it

  11. Caitlyn Cain says:

    I agree. I think this song is about turning to God whether everything is broken or everything is great. God doesn't want us to pretend to be perfect all the time, because He knows that that's not honesty. And if you have a relationship with God, you have to be honest, because every relationship requires honesty. It's not that God is happy when we're miserable. He's happy when we are miserable and we are willing to share that with Him, because He is the ultimate Comforter and He adores us.

  12. Admiral Bob says:

    This song speaks a simple, scriptural truth:

    But the tax collector, standing far off, would not even lift up his eyes to heaven, but beat his breast, saying, ‘God, be merciful to me a sinner!’ I tell you, this man went down to his house justified rather than the other; for every one who exalts himself will be humbled, but he who humbles himself will be exalted.”

  13. Sarah Miller says:

    Beautiful song. I honestly wasn't a big fan of hers when I was younger, but now that I'm more mature, I appreciate her more. She is a fabulous woman, and artist. I think everyone can interpret the song in their own way. What it means to you, may mean something else to another. It's definitely a positive tune, that's for sure.

  14. kattwin1 says:

    Thank you for making that distinction to those who misunderstood. It is true that ANY situation or experience that brings us close to fear, anger, and hopelessness is a moment when we are closest to God. This song speaks of those difficult, testing trials – so dark because of the feeling that hope is lost, but so beautiful and wonderful for their ability to bring us closer to the One who loves us MOST. I only recently discovered this song, and I wept! It truly is a gift for the world. :')

  15. Caroline Tomlinson says:

    I agree with you! God is ALWAYS there for us no matter what we do! He sent his son to die on the cross for our sins. If he didnt…God couldnt look down on us because of SIN. So GOD BLESS YOU. Let the lord be with you forever.

  16. A says:

    Us crying to God, him hearing us, answering our needs (not wants) is beautiful and some people just dont get it! there are so many more things in life goin on other than complaining about a song you dont like. If people would put all the energy they have put into complaining into being helpful it would make a world of difference. Heres to the ones who see nothing but blackness (SHUT UP!) refocus and do something great with your time instead of wanting to bring everyone down!

  17. Katie McKinney says:

    I absolutely adore this song! I did a cover of it on my channel, so if you have a few minutes, please watch! Thank you and God bless <3

  18. Casey Vo says:

    Wonderful video, this is one of my favorite songs! The raw truth to it is absolutely stunning, love how you made the video. Thank you!

  19. Mackenzie Marimon says:

    omigosh! so touching! I have always loved this song. Watch the official video and you will cry until the sun burns out. it is so heart breakingly lovely! Love you God!!! AMEN!

  20. Mackenzie Marimon says:

    For all those who don't like it, listen to it again. Really listen to the message. During the song, just think of all your troubles and your worst moments. You will feel better after this song. Praise God in the heavens for everything He the One has done for us.

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