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  1. big daddy tiger king of the earth big daddy says:

    Love you bhad bhabie you are beautiful you are amazing love you come to michigan i think you have a great time i am so excited for you your making progress with your life and your songs are all the way up

  2. Britta Olson says:

    Whoever transcribed this got so many words wrong by the 3rd line, I quit watching. Nobody in the history of hip hop ever pulled the sticks out. But they might pull a six out. Hmmm… I think whoever typed this is from the sticks!

  3. Liya Mb says:

    People here be like "omg I actually like this song" like wtf. This is the kind of song you guys like these days. I understand RAP and stuff but then there is a way to do it. All I here in her songs is fuck and bitch. Like common she's trying too hard to act cool and it turns out to he cringy and annoying. She's just freakin 15. What is she doing with her self?

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