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Dave (feat. Alex) – Thiago Silva | See Lyrics free.

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Truly a piece of Glastonbury magic. Watch Dave and audience member Alex perform Thiago Silva at Glastonbury 2019. Guidance: contains strong language. Visit bbc.co.uk/glastonbury for more videos and photos

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29 thoughts on “Dave (feat. Alex) – Thiago Silva – Lyrics new.

  1. JamesyBhoy1916 says:

    Alex was killing that mic and he was given no decibel… I’m cynical as f and it looks like Alex mans clean just on level 11 and it’s not even possible to act being that single moment god status. Class video

  2. LAL Notorious says:

    Hahahaha everytime I watch this I Iaugh at the dude cocky as hell in the crowd infront of Alex thinking he's the one that was called up and the security having to break it to him after he hopped the fence

  3. I0 Lost Boy 0I says:

    The prep speech that Dave gives alex at the start of this is something truly special . He says "if you get lost of forget the words or you need any help just look at me I've got you . I believe in you " .

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