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[Verse 1]I’m sick and tired of running, I’m sick and tired of fronting
I just wanna be myself, I’m sick and tired of stunting
I’m sick of strangers in my life, From girl to girl I’m jumping
Don’t know what I’m living for no more but I wanna die for something
There’s more to the life than big bully, I’m out here tryna fight my cooling
Every day, same shit, burn the union
Cop bars from evening til morning
Sometimes still feels like I’m fooling, go up to the eye of storm
I never thought that I could be so corny
Why wasn’t there nobody to warn me
Why couldn’t I see the signs? How could I not read between the lines
Thought I could somehow be divine
But it feels like God left me behind
But that’s not true, I’m so blessed
That’s Mos Def, I’m so fresh
And I don’t wanna protest but I feel so soulless, I’m a hopeless

[Hook]It’s a bad time, but I’m I until I die
That’s every motherf*ckin day
Real good shot for a spot at the top
Girl if I go bang bang
So bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang
Girl if I go bang bang
So bang bang bang bang bang bang motherf*cker
Girl if I go bang bang
Now do it

[Verse 2]I’m likely most conceded, but I ain’t the flashy type
Can’t really take the media, don’t like the flashy lights
Can’t stand the nosy people cause they’re so full of spite
Won’t let nobody judge me, I know what’s wrong and right

Might have some line of addiction, I’m so cool out to the mix
I’m so full of contradiction when I spend time and money with chicks in Switzerland
And if they will go fix it
Got my foot in the shoe if it fits it
But this time I done said I’m a real good misfit, runnin around time like a dipstick
Don’t watch the main so I’m clueless
Out of all and I’m ruthless
I try to hold it down but I’m useless
And I can’t stand the fault, the world knows my movements
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
Feels like I’m blazing, the love and the passion inside
I’m ready to flash and I’m ready to ride
I’m likin the vibe

[Hook] [Verse 3]I work my ass off, nothing given on a silver platter
I get more money then I blow it like it doesn’t matter
A bunch of stuff I’ll probably never use, just booze and clatter
Don’t put me on no pedestal because I’m just a rapper
And that’s just me being truthful
And it hurts but it feels so beautiful
It’s a lot more suitable
Don’t want no blood on my chemicals
So hard to kids and hide yo wife
And please don’t make me say it twice
I’m cold as ice, I’m so not nice
And I’m just out here tryna live my life

[Pre-Hook x2]Not tryna be in a hype
But I feel so glad that I’m tryna see the light
Inside I can feel the fire
When I ignite it’ll be alright


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