"Feel Good Inc." by Gorillaz Is SUPER DEEP! | Lyrics Explained – Lyrics new.

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“Feel Good Inc.” by Gorillaz Is SUPER DEEP! | Lyrics Explained | See Lyrics free.

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feel good inc lyrics

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  1. Evan Kurzrok says:

    No mention how the windmill is a clear reference to the false ideal of a near perfect society promised by Russian communism? Weak analysis bro

  2. Чё поём?! Ликбез - Перевод песен на английском says:

    Thank you so much! That video of yours was very helpful for me when preparing my own video on translation of the song lyrics to Russian. Good luck!

  3. ro Lock says:

    no the city is breaking down on a camels back is a real phrase its baisically the meaning of the word dystopian and the meaning of dystopian is like a community,state ,country,county now the feel good is controling a county not a country so the feel good inc is controling the county and that is why there is HAHAH at the begining also the laguter is inspred by the show dirty harry and AGAIN THE CITY VBREAKING DOWN ON THE CAMELS'S BACK IS THE SAME AS DYSTOPIAN LIKE HUNGER GAMES IS A DYSTOPIAN SCI FI MOVIE NO HATE JUST CAPS FOR ATTENTOIN

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