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35 thoughts on “Glee: Top 20 songs from every season – Lyrics new.

  1. Lia Lou says:

    Please stop writing that my list is "not correct". This is my opinion and it may differ from yours. I hate to read your comments.

  2. Minifigures Assemble says:

    For me s6 number 1 is chandelier. The high notes are so perfect and the whole song is so good though I don’t think Kitty’s voice suits this song overall that song I think is the greatest

  3. Harry Collinson says:

    I refuse to believe that your think any of the top four are better than smooth criminal, it shoulda been no1 with paradise as a close second

  4. Jacob Maguire says:

    It rly annoys me that Tina was just used as a character for other characters development even when they dedicated an episode to her it was about her helping to develop other characters and she had a lot more potential but the writers completely butchered her character

  5. Nick Dulling says:

    Season 5 Don’t Stop Believing is terrible and feels hollow in comparison to the other version. It is a crime to put it above If I Die Young

  6. Sir Dragon Moon says:

    Never expected Kitty to become the leader/ a main character of the glee members (specially since the season 6 characters did not have that many episodes)

  7. Santiago Paredes says:

    The only thing we agreed is Take on me Lol. It’s really interesting how preferences can change from one to person to another.

  8. Stanley Urine says:

    I thought glee was about loving and accepting everyone but you guys are hating on her opinions y’all need to do better 😔✋

  9. Olive Miller Mattis says:

    Trouble tones rumor has it/ somebody like you mash up at 7??? No first by FAR. I love that so much.

    No hate just an opinion

  10. CJ Western says:

    My personal opinion is that baby it’s cold outside should have been first but this is your opinion list so and cough syrup should’ve been higher but again this is just my opinion

    Also Smooth Criminal kicked ass

  11. AestheticBetty says:

    My man, Try a little tenderness and And I'm telling you not being on this "list" is ridiculous. Half of these songs are so mediocre and no one remembers thgem.

  12. Sarah Lewis says:

    I dont dissagree with some of these comment BUT STOP HATING dont watch this if you want to write hate comments about HER OPIONION this isnt fair do the right thing not the wrong thing that hurts people.

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