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  1. Stick Sticky says:

    So I'm 14. My friends were about… lets say 11. ( I'm bad at math ) We were playing outside with our shirts off, we thought we were cool ( which we were ) We had the best childhood. I was riding my scooter while my friends were doing jumps over curbs on the road. I was gonna do one too but I was scared. Turned out it wasn't that bad. I jumped one while the song was playing on my friends phone. It was inside a blue bucket on the curb, we had otter pops, and oatmeal pies. We would play football and everything. This was the best childhood and if anyones 15 or 14, they can agree; this was stunnin'.

  2. Its Just Gigi says:

    I remember when I used to listen to this song in clean when I was on the bus going to field trips LMAOJSKDNDJDNDDJEN but due to the corona virus we don’t get to do the one were someone gets arrested BAHBDJDNEKENEJE

  3. ALMOND 7262 says:

    Back in 2017 we did things and listened to great ass songs like this but now it 2020 and we don’t do shit cuz of corona I miss being 10 and thinking I was cool listening to this song

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