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  1. whowasthatdoyouknowwhatisthat yeah says:

    song about you love someone but you feel empty ,cause they wasnt love you even you are together with them night and day.Heart and vibes can tell you about that.Not gonna lie.

  2. Kenma's Favorite Hairtie says:

    tall, brown hair, brown eyes. he doesnt really stand out in a crowd. he's super confident but things can get into his head easily, especially if it's coming from someone he trusts. he's athletic and smart but he pushes himself so hard to be the best, he doesn't want to fall into the shadows, he doesnt want to be forgotten. sometimes i wish i could get it through his thick skull that he doesn't have to be perfect. he needs to know that he's perfect the way he is. he needs to rest, and stop pushing himself. i want to tell him so badly. i want to be the person he can lean on, talk to, confide in. i want to be there for him. he's so amazing at everything he does and so many people think there's nothing beneath the surface, that he's just a pretty boy and a jerk, but there's more to him than that. he deserves so much better than what he gets and i wish he knew that. i love him so, so much. i need him like the oxegyn i breathe to survive. everything about him, all of the things he hates about himself, all of the moments he wishes he can forget, the events of his past he wishes he could change, i love it all, because it's what makes him the person he is today. i wish he knew that too.

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