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  1. GayWolf says:

    My parents split up after my second birthday. My dad slept the entire day and my mum asked for a divorce soon after. I still hardly ever see my dad and I feel like it's my fault.

  2. kibot_12 says:

    its hurt even more when the family was pretending like nothing happened and just continue life like we just one happy family. fuck it. i hope none of us need to live like this. Have a nice day everyone!

  3. Novèlay says:

    I still hate the fact they got divorced. It was out of their league what happened. I keep a picture of them together with me. Love you both, i miss you guys together really much

  4. cherrylight twixlegachalife says:

    "something's you can't tell your sister because she's still to young"
    Me: come on I want a sister or brother I'm soooooooo bored without a sibling

    Who feels the same…?

  5. Laila Mix says:

    Why do I feel like it is my fault my parents feel out of love, dad got remarried to a person who abuses us and he stands by her while she dose it

  6. SweetPotato SongLyrics says:

    ok so my parents broke up 8 years ago….an i’m gonna be honest it may not feel like it now but it’s probably the best thing that can happen

  7. sunflower _ says:

    I know nobody will see this but here

    Almost there

    Keep going almost done

    Hold on keep going

    Your here
    Hi I came to let you know
    Back to scrolling

    Your loved and your you dont let anyone change that I love you even tho idk you
    Your different but that's good
    Have a good day love you cute human reading this

  8. Maisy Lowe says:

    I couldn’t relate to this song before but my parents separated in June this year and now these words hit hard and I wouldn’t wish this on anyone :/ my mum has moved out and is staying someone and my older sister who left too is staying somewhere until they can find a house for them to go live together and it hurts seeing slowly things and my life changing, I know deep down it’s for the best but right now I feel so broken and missed how things used to be (when my family wasn’t arguing) 💔

  9. honey suckle says:

    my dad hasnt ever been there for me. it was just me and my mom. she was my best friend for 10 years. ive always lived with my mom, grandmother and grandfather bc my parents are divorced. i used to go over to my dads every other weekend but for 2 years now i havent seen him. he hasnt bothered to call. anywways, now my mom is engaged and i have to move in with her and her fiance and leave my grandparents. she doesnt understand that it will break me. i just miss how it used to be. everyone wont shut up about me having to get used to it but i just want it to be how it used to be. if anyone reads this, sorry for venting, just had to get it out.

  10. Ella Vaughan says:

    My parents separated almost 6 years ago and it is better with 2 houses but this year they are getting divorced and I’m scared that we’re going to loose our house I hope not, sorry I had to vent to someone I have no one to talk to abt this xx ❤️😭

  11. Ālora_123 Gamer says:

    People always say.. "Oh my god! This is serious and your not taking it seriously!" Wanna know why?.. cause it hurts to talk about the bad things. So might as well try to stay positive. :3

  12. Daisy-May Delaney says:

    I’m very depressed I’m 10 now but 7 years ago all I could remember is my mum and my dad fighting I never really new why they split up I have two homes now and I now get scared and paranoid at night time because I never feel safe I know that this sounds sexist but the reason I don’t feel safe is because I don’t have a man in the house I often live with just my mum but on Fridays and Thursdays I stay At my dads please just like this comment I need some support right now

  13. Taylor Crawford says:

    At first I was like I like this song then he said sometimes moms and dads fall out of love I was like this is sad 😢 but I still like it

  14. Sophie Radbourne says:

    My parents divorced when I was 2. This makes me cry. When it says you can't tell your sister because shes too young, it made me remember how confused and scared I was when my parents split.

  15. Taylor Crawford says:

    This song makes us realize who we are inside of us we should never change even if are parents are divorst I hope I inspire a lot of people have a good day

  16. Winged Wolves145 says:

    So my mom and dad are together but somedays i wish i had a bad family…cause i want to feel the ways other do…being hurt..or maybe being…alone with a drunk parent. But i guess im lucky….but if i keep the smile on ill fake it i am a young actress…

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