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Kendrick Lamar’s song Backseat freestyle from his new album good kid m.a.a.d city WATCH MY NEW AMAZING HARLEM SHAKE VIDEO and Amazing fifa goal

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  1. J Dub says:

    The first time I heard this, I got fucked up by that cymbal tinging away. At my homie's crib, I had a few blunts, captain morgan, some trems, and snorted some painkillers, etc. After all that, that beat brought me back and I had to ask the homies twice, "what is this song called?" They told me both times but goddamn. I couldn't believe it was a freestyle track. Fuck yeah Kendrick!

  2. Timothy Knisley says:

    Too much time on my money out of time sandman sweet dreams on my measure took a notice of the dozer and found what was under the covers just fuckin dimes I’m pissed makin em piss like a solid gold stream my power bloody as cardi bloody as carter bloody as Lamar #the general

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