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There’s some doors in this house
There’s some doors in this house
There’s some doors in this house
There’s some doors in this house

I said certified beat
7 days a week
Make that pull out game weak

Yuh yuh yuh yuh yuh

Yeah ur drinkin’ up some WAT-ER-BOTTLES
Bring a bucket and a mop for that WAT-ER-BOTTLE
Cause it fell right on th’a floor! Look at WAT-ER-BOTTLEs

If you hurt me ill press a charge
Extra large but i ain’t hard
Put this bottle right in ur face
On ur nose like at a WAT-ER-BOTTLE
Drink that WAT
I want some Wata
I need that wata
You want that wat’a
We need that WAT
Look in my eyes
The bottlе’s got drip
Come with a dime

Drink this Bottle
Likе im surprised
Thats WAT-ER
I wear a disguise
I want to you to give me all of that
Water i know that you’ve got’a
Like whipped cream
Imma scream
Out in public
It’s a scene
I dont cook
I dont clean
But lemme tell ya I got this bling

Hollow it
Swallow it
Drip down the side of it
Its a water bottle and i know youre really wantin it
I tell em where to put it never tell em where it im bout’a sit
Ima drink water before you ev’a talk- it’s lit
Talk your talk
But bite’cho lip
Ask for a car if the bottl’ don’t drip
Know you ain’t never gotta get eet’ for a thang
Always fresh yeah you know where it came (from)

Now Get youre boots and your coat for this WAT-ER-BOTTLE
They got new phones for pictures of this WAT-ER-BOTTLE
Paid my tuition just so they could see this WAT-ER-BOTTLE
SO make it rain if you wanna see some WAT-ER-BOTTLE

Look, i need good water
Real good water
Water from the sink and not the stinky poo water
Water from the prom dress, not from the shoe water
If the water is trash, ima spit it in yo’ face water

They got some water then thats where im headin’
Water like 1
Not from the 10
I let them taste it, i told em don’t sweat it
They really liked it, they said “Kids bop yo theres notthin betta”
I dont wanna drink
I wanna gup
But if I gag
Or if i choke
I want you grab onto my waste and quickly, just suddenly, POKE

You know im a thirsty kid
Drink the water quick
Put me on my knees cause it know I wanna sit
Grateful for the water cause it always makin’ me stronger
(a lil bit)
(lil bit)
Never lost a fight after drinking, yup because of it
In the food chain, i drink the wata’
If i drink the wata’, im a lot stronga’
No S stand for no spillin’
Gonna have to clean up if u do indeed spillin it
If they can’t gulp
Then they gotta dwank’
Can’t hurt my feelings if u do dwank’
Give them water, they’ll ask “Who’s is it”
When they gulp it down ima spell my name (KIDZ BOP)

Yuh Yuh Yuh Yuh
Yeah youre playing with some WAT-ER-BOTTLES
Bring a bucket and a mop for spilled WAT-ER-BOTTLE
Gimme anything you got for this WAT-ER-BOTTLE
Les go

Macaroni in a pot that’s some WATER BOTTLE

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