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At the burning pain of season’s end
The claws of time will replenish my force

And through the calling voids I stare
Through everlasting beauty there
Where monuments are carved in stone
Left to be forgotten everywhere

Into the silent abyss bare
The cruelty once must fade
For all the spinning hours of madness
Took my sanity away

A cosmic clash of tyrannies
Of long dead, murmured legacies
The paradox of histories
A journey deep through time

Words that turn to ash while spoken
Sleeping fires have awoken
Sealing paths of ecstasy to revel in despair

Crawling through the darkness
Torn by bitter screams
Merging with the blackness
Nothing’s what it seems
Schizophrenic mysteries
Surreal deceit
Crisis of negations
In the Paradox of Hate

A curse from the torn worlds of time
The price of the omen sublime

The meaning of an omen cold
That carves the sign of fire
To lure in chains of misery
The slaves of pure desire

Under the path of nothingness
Behold a spheric cataclysm
The future of tomorrow brings
This mental laceration

When all the towers burn and crush
The misery around them
I celebrate this hollow world’s end
Lest we shall regret

Now the apocalyptic thirst
That fills the blinded eyes with blood
Will rule this downfall, crowned, supreme
Unveiled grotesque catharsis

The cold magic war-chant that bursts dusty air
The frail change of wisdom while all is despair
A forlorn desire for peace in our lifetimes
If there is no place for the sickening reasons
Fallen and risen from the long cosmic night
Denied are the souls by the law of the fight
Lost and renewed in the pit of destruction
A shivering part of the world’s deconstruction

Crawling through darkness torn by the screams
Merging with blackness, nothing’s what it seems
Schizophrenic mysteries, surreal deceit
Crisis of negations, paradox of hate
Paradox of hate
Paradox of hate
Paradox of hate

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