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Camboi Smif – 23 Hours
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Today was just another day
I woke up and did nothing
I didn’t think or feel a thing
Just the same as yesterday
I don’t have the time
No, I don’t have the time
I don’t have the time
No, I don’t have the time
I don’t have the time
To do anything, any day, any way
Cuz every day
I do the same old thing

I go to bed at 2pm
And I wake up at 1pm
I stay in bed till 2pm
Go back to sleep, and do it again

I don’t ever have any dreams
Never even heard of those things
The single hour that I’m awake
Is my least favoritе part of the day
All I do
Is look at my phone
Cuz it’s all that I know
Yeah, I scroll and I scroll (oh)
No, I don’t likе any of the things
Anyone has to say
I hate being awake
So in this bed is where I will stay

I go to bed at 2pm
And I wake up at 1pm
I stay in bed till 2pm
Go back to sleep, and do it again

I can’t do anything
Without twenty three of sleep (no)
No, I can’t hang out today, cuz
I need to sleep, yeah
I need to sleep (yeah) 

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