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A shot to my heart, is that what i’m asking for?
Every minute, the roller coaster’s passing on
You’re the drug that i’m addicted to
Conflicted in piece, but i never got to smile back to you

You’re the beauty of life, and to the meaning of it
I fall into bed, tired, knowing i can’t have you
Never sold my soul, but i gave you the best
How do i get my goal to give me a rest

You lead to assumptions that i really kept it abundant under button
Sweat in convulsion, how you taking my breath
Feeling the repulsion, break and i blеd
Compulsion, revolting my thoughts, tell me why i’m in lovе?
Cause in this house, me and ho doesn’t mean no home, but you really did heard it
See you lurking in shadow, acting like you murdered a person
Hooked and stabbed him in the back, no took him away
Why the good guys always have to suffer, suffocate
Since that day, clap my hands for rougher days

When i’m driving fast in the road with no breaks now
I mean i probably should give up on you, but i am obsessed, how
Got drugs to abuse, room full of juice
Why do the people who change don’t last, it is profuse
People bleed for other people to see, to be amused
But really hiding their emotion, hoping someone would save them
But those people comfort you most, so you don’t feel their pain
But what happens, then you feel the tension of thunder and rains
Got 4 infinities, but i’m missing reality

Selling my soul, for all the power, my death better be whole, top of the hour
In a room full of gas, and a hand full of matches, want to smoke me out, but i ain’t the dog
I ain’t acting they say problem’s last, but another will come
To the lord and the darkness, we will succumb

I look left though it’s right to face the demons on my shoulder, over
But why the fuck am i doing it for someone who ain’t even worth it for me?
Everytime i use god, is the time i pray is when i am in need
Death, i’m looking you in the eye, do i even deserve it, you see?
Damn, man i could imagine myself passing the habitude to someone who heard it
Keep your attitudes up, screwed, and fucked up, if i can probably reword it
Then i would, thinking back to track to to my happiness now
Sinking down to snap, how it began, apathy, how?
Never be as fly as god, in the age of grace
Face the hate, in a bike no breaks, but i’m making a vow
Life is like my breath away, can’t blow the smoke
But i have hope, if i stop, there won’t be a better day

But when i look at you, ain’t even the same person
But you really did heard it

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DR4G0N – Obsessed | Lyrics
A shot to my heart, is that what i’m asking for? Every minute, the roller coaster’s passing on You’re the drug that i’m addicted to Conflicted in piece, but i never got to

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