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I came from it, i really came from it
Stonebridge, north-west 10, google the name on it
I was playing with straps when you was playing sonic
I was running through the flats when you was reading comics
I wasn’t tryna be the man, i was really on it
As quiet as they come so no one even noticed
I always had my gun, i never needed olders
From stonebridge to ?, the streets are breeding cobras
I seen a snake take shape and then call me homie
I’ve seen a mate kill a mate like he didn’t know him
I’vе seen tiny bun food, i see spider told him
I see the snipers on thе roof when they came to hold him
I’ve seen the riders in the coupe with the windows open
I’ve seen them fire then shoot ’till the ting unloaded
I almost died a couple times, i guess i must be chosen
I gave them fire in the booth and i left it smoking
I boomed off the door and i left it open
Maybe ’cause i’m white is why they didn’t note it
Maybe when i die they’ll tell you who the g.o.a.t is
You’re crazy in your mind if i ain’t been the coldest
But lately i’ve been tryna grind and get my dough in
Fuck waiting, now the time to go, seize the moment
I’m taking what’s mine, fuck if you condone it
And fuck these haters online that don’t know where the road is
I’m the type of guy that don’t know where my home is
You’re the type of guy we give the weed to roll it
Never in your life have you been a trojan
Forever telling lies ’cause you’ve been a rodent
And you’re never gonna slide ’cause you’re never holding
You know me and mine are forever rolling
You know true or lie, i ain’t never spoken
And when it’s do or die, i ain’t never frozen
I ain’t never letting go, i ain’t never folding
An eye for an eye is a steady motion
The devil’s tryna get me, tryna catch me coasting
Put this pedal to the metal any way i’m going
Baguettes in the kettle look like water flowing
The rolex wet, it got all the stones in
My dome been stressed but i’m sorta coping
Thinking about smalls has got me more than broken
I’m thinking about more, i need all my focus
Tryna juggle love, tryna juggle road shit
Tryna level up, tryna get this dough quick
Remember being broke, remember being homeless
Remember being stuck, remember being stonebridge
I’m mentally fucked, remember seeing cold shit
I’ve mentally stuck looking at this chrome fifth
I’m meant to be loved but i don’t even know it
But when i’m in cuffs i’ll never know shit
When you’re in cuffs you won’t ever don’t snitch
Got me on remand for taking my own shit
Doing circles round the yard like a fucking goldfish
I’m certi’ in the yard, they all know who koke is
He said he’s my darg, i don’t know who bro is
He said he’s with bro, i don’t know he bro with
Looking at his cloth, i can see he don’t fit
Talking like he shots, ain’t never seen a whole brick
Talking ’bout the opps, ain’t never been on no trips
Talking like a boss and he ain’t got no soldiers
I’m certi’ where i’m from and anywhere i’m posted
Up early in the morning like i’ve gotta go get
Turning every corner, holding every moment
’cause any day can be your last, you just never know when
So i’m rolling with this darg, i ain’t taking no check

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