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Kojey Radical – Progression Freestyle 1
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kojey radical
Stood still on my lonely, thinking bout progression
Like how can i move bro forward, when he only wanna rise his weapon?
Yeah the peaceful ting’s all wavy, till it’s one of your bredrins, or it’s one of your sisters
Touch one of mine, i’m switching
Everybody wanna talk about race, but they won’t go distance
Been blm for a week or two, now the hashtag? missing
Wrapped up like christmas
While mom still doing up grievance, and the feds still doing up freedom. i kept that on my wish list
What’s wrong with the world?
I don’t know what you’re on. but i know what i’m off
These days, so numb. i ain’t got no feelings. i don’t know where they gone
If you’re done with the fight thеn it is what it is. i’ll be there on my onеs
More time man don’t want logic or reason. just snare and drums
Doing late night shift for the mortgage money. dividends and sums
Got all that drip, but the boy in debt. that’s liquid funds
I got rainy day money in digital currency. my accountant in love with me
I got god on my side and i pray that he cover me. help me see the dishonesty
Energy that be hurting my chakras? it’s cool, i’m shaking em off of me
It’s cool, i don’t need apologies. one time is enough for me
If i say i got you, then you stuck with me. treat day ones properly
Me and mine be hitting the belly. you and yours be feeding hypocrisy
I get it. it’s cool
I ain’t them. i ain’t you
You can never run a mile in my shoes, road bumpy
Read contracts, small prints can’t bump me
Made mistakes when i got too comfy
Paved the way but the tarmac mucky
Fuck the fake, seen too much fuckery
Pour champagne cause the pain feel lovely
Still wouldn’t ever change one thing on me
Come on and try. yeah, i got that on me
Tucked in the trouser, walk like zombie
Talk like robertson, run like tommy
Thinking he clyde, but he move like bonnie
Top boy, walk through the fire, sunny
Your boy ain’t sweet like revenge and honey
Fix me a plate cause i came back hungry


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