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Muze Sikk – Crucible
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I’m a product of my words
Go off
Find your proof before you dive into my hertz
88 on the interstate
Till I reach a state
Hi MF!!

And If I don’t give a fuck about a bitch
Then I don’t give a fuck about the hating ass will of a wisp
Pure butter to the brim
You can feel it in your cause and effect
And my band rocks seas
Ya I’m set

And it’s fucked up
Everyday is blending in the blender
Get ya cups up
I purported every cauterize
And I’m on done done
Surely obscuring every burden
We having fun fun
This is how you

Turn nothing into something
Turn chumping into running
Sheet talk
Rich vision
Bricking no shot
Sticking to the plot

Sticking to this script you know I’m harder
Every day apply the pressure like a MF martyr
Who In his last 7 lives
Gave his life
For his tribe
And this time in
He said
Fuck it imma win
Do it my own way

That’s the wholliest way
The dullest days roll into the an aura in a daze
Shook from the vine
Get clips of my peers
You can see the signs
And I can see the years

Shape up
Still spitting

Ways to love
Baby are you kidding

Crazy buzz
Feel it in my kidneys

This is way too much
Can I get a witness

And I run this
This my business

Y’all are fucking lazy
I’m relentless

They got to put a box around perceptions of my image

And they miss that fact that I dont have a image


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