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Muze Sikk – Invested
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I’m afraid not baby
Got a head haughty
Mmmm see sure setting
Each and every

Colder than the coldest stone
Got a sweet tooth
Gotta head off into the wind

Age old sayings
And hazy cages
And the sage is a zombie
Walking on water

I brought every ace up my sleeve
And Im wrought in my sole
Frosted free

Strewn upon the dawn
Sun beams seep elliptical esteem
I see what I see but
I need what I need

No one can afford this heart

Brace yourself
Embrace the wealth
Your surrounded by potential

Pure Hoopla
Icey windows
Been hеre before
Lеgions on writtens
Leaving me smitten
I don’t stay stuck for long

In no way am I
Leaving even
Just a bit of wiggle room
Adjust to the heat seeking

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