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Plasthic Slash & Greham – Last Words
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Verse: Plasthic Slash
Hold it right there, your money or your life
Who you love pass, your mummy or your wife?
Fell out with dude next-door, betrayed confidences
Guy, bury the hatchet or face grave consequences
Gees made me make peace with the neighbour after all
After we shook, I dipped my hands in denatured alcohol
Crazy at workplace in this pandemic
Say we not worst case and it’s anthemic
Colleague barks at me, I hurriedly retort
Mission impossible to catch cruise, Minority Report
Cult clash, skull slashed head on a spike
Knocked the living the daylights out of dudes in the dead of the night
Ngozi came, new wig, shades and face mask
It was a blessing in disguise, horny though I hate her fake ass
Loves nuts, She blow sacks like tenormen
My homies got receipts, the hoe smash like ten of them
Abobi, ask her for doggy whether she go turn you back
Anger this pyromaniac, him go burn you slap
Touch the tiger’s tail, be hunted down and badly ate
I could force a nigga with a hundred crowns to abdicate
Dirty looks, The ISIS of photobombing
For petty crooks its crisis if po-po coming
Everyday I smashed chicks on Mary Kay that ass-kiss
But those are old sins like Mary Kate and Ashley 

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