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RADXTONY – Inferno
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verse 1: radxtony
(aye, aye)
I ain’t gon’ rap, i’mma keep it a buck
If you want the smoke, then boy you in luck
I ride with the nine, i’m keepin’ it tucked
The shit that you dropped, i know that it sucked
And you thinkin’ it’s hot ’cause the homies you got
Be hypin’ you up, runny nose and it’s not
You think you hard and you think you the shit?
Only thing hard is my dick and that’s it
Get off my cock, i ride with the glock
They say time is money, man, look at my watch
I’m great in these cheese, i’m tony cotija
I’m spittin’ heat like i sizzle fajitas
My baby is cute, yeah, she very bonita
I spin on yo block but i’m no ballerina
And that boy a bitch, he talkin’ that shit
He on my twitter, yeah, stalkin’ my shit
He got a problem, i’m rockin’ his shit
He got a problem, i’m poppin’ his shit
I am not rappin’, i’m talkin’ my shit
I’mma just off ’em, no cap that’s it
And this shit is crazy, it’s gettin’ ridiculous
The only checks you be getting is stimulus
Hop on the mic and i’m spittin’ that viciousness
Hop on the mic and my skills are just limitless

verse 2: turbo
(ha! yeah, this shit so crazy, nigga
Tshh this shit so crazy, hahaha, yeah
Yeah, yeah, ha!)
Yeah, this shit gettin’ crazy
Do this on the daily
These niggas be talkin’, i know that they hatin’
And they say that shit crankin’
And i know that he shoot, nigga, that don’t faze me
And that’s right on my soul, i won’t let this play me
And i come to the spot where they say they be gangin’
I just talked to his mans, he haid he relocated
I wish that was the truth but you know he ain’t make it
And i put in this work, lil nigga
All my ops in the dirt, lil nigga
And he said that he cool, he said that he widdit
Get put on a shirt, lil nigga
To these hoes i’m a flirt, lil nigga
You pull up, you get murked, lil nigga
And i be on the block so i watch when he oppin’
I know when he lurk, lil nigga

verse 3: radxtony
(aye, aye, aye)
I know when he lurk, he thinkin’ he sneaky
And i got the choppa and it get to screamin’
Said that he gang, but he cannot hang
Say he a shooter and i started screamin’
I started laughin’ and shit (haa)
Glock 39 aimed at his top, i split in half, lil bitch (boom!)
I donatello with the stick
But i ride with the blades like i’m raph, lil bitch
Hard body on me like a turtle
I got the laser and i got the beam
I’m sending the shots with the thermal
Keep a baretta and shit won’t get betta
When i start croppin’ ya sweata (bitch!)
I’m runnin’ it up, i pull the v-trigger
Just like i’m kenny omega
And if he talkin’ shit then my words are my bullets
And i just unloaded the clip (haa)
And keep my name straight outta ya mouth
My name ain’t a dick, lil bitch

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