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ShouryaJackR – Goodbye, Love Me, Summer
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Hey, I’m Not Good at Goodbyes
Harsh From Out but Sweet From Inside
I would Miss You More Than Your Bestie
You couldn’t Be replaced
There ain’t nobody like You
I can’t Even think of my life without you
You Know you are something Special
Cause I like You

Never Thought You Would leave me
Nothing lasts forever
Thought you would miss me
You took my heart and made it bleed
You thought that I hate you
Baby Girl, You my fantasy world
Where there ain’t nobody
You say you don’t trust me
But I still do love you like you used to do
My heart is left in shock, sorrows
I can’t feel my face, I’m too numb
Baby, I’m thinking of you 24 hours
I’m too paranoid, I think you would be bеtter with me
You lost your interеst after one day I know
You just played me and checkmated me
How can I let you go?
You could have ask, what you need?
Rocks falling from heaven
You mistaken me
Goodbye, I hope I see you soon

You were the blessing, now you are the tragedy
All Girls are the Same
There are no tears left to cry
Why you do this to me? 

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