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SiYR – Time
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Keep it steady i can do the same
When you walk i hardly feel the pain
Cause i can just get it off a song
And you put up too much be unknown

verse 1
Feel your vibe yeah it’s never not the same (yeah)
You know why a lotta things don’t offend me
They talk too much but i do not have to listen
I just chill inside, read the bible, sit like dendy
Rock my custom made i throw a fit like andy
Hardly ever ask for help i’m way too independent
Anyway they disappoint, i got to be like honest
Only trust in god he shows me all the angles
I’m a big bеliever and
I’ve been hypеd up for way too long
Think i need to wrap it up before i’m way too gone

Keep it steady i can do the same (huh)
When you walk i hardly feel the pain (huh)
Cause i can just get it off a song
You put up too much be unknown (huh)

verse 2
Oh, it’s a vibe really, on a set roll
Like i just found myself in all these situations
Runnin’ outta patience get me outta here
Pouring with the blessings, cannot fumble here
I be with lightie you should find me on
Made it out the issue i was really on
Said it’s not a big deal but i sold it all
It’s not that deep i ain’t bout to drown
Say you all alone but never off your phone
See i can’t understand this game
Why you even wanna play
Just get yourself a name
Then be out my way
Feel like i always got coins in my pocket
Cause they all you want the change
But then they do it for the worse

verse 3
Shawty got no time for games
Everything i tell her got to be like god like things
We spend hours at the banks
Rolling out the empty empty bags
Like we about to rob it but it’s just a fill up
We can argue about it, it don’t ever offend me
Miss me i was tryna get it back to sandi
Tell her all this loving you might as well just send it
25 times, i dan left the heat side
Had a crash in on the left side
I don’t know how
I just know that god been by my side
I’m forever grateful
Ama turn my life around
Just you wait
Just you check
Ama make that check
Till they talk about us
Better keep the focus
Cure all the hiccups
Hit my homies up
Tell ’em be prepared, we ’bout to run it up

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