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Call me a fucking demon with no fucking mercy
I got this muthafuckin’ pussy feeling assassination
I ain’t hard as you want but I can destroy your vision
I’m on top right now why you wanna jinx ma mission
I don’t extract muthafuckas for fun, you gotta catch a plane to hell muthafucka no time
You praise fake rappers coz you hate your homie so I’m not surprised I know that you’re phony. (Pussy)
I’m on that legendary list, another thing you seem tired
You gone behind ma back like an fucking envoy
You told ’em some crazy shit so I’m about to destroy
You forgot your fucking place, let me pull it to stop
I’m Kingsteve we both know that I don’t like shit
I’m an underground rapper so don’t spill your shit
I’m pulling your fucking bitch over your fucking dick
I’m nothing but a bomb that is ready to explode
Keep on chasing muthafuckas when they cry like hoes
I don’t feel pity for haters coz I got many sources
I’m making waves to those who truly support
Bitch, don’t think the worst coz i’ll never abort
You can’t change ma fucking talent to have best shot
I’m about to swallow ma kindness and take over their spot
I’m releasing unstoppable and phenomenal shit
I do know that everybody wanna here ma shit
Call me a fucking demon with no fucking mercy 

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