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Wanna be free of this heart
Wanna feel your arms around me
I need you more, miss you here
More than I would like to admit

Let’s forget about tomorrow, yeah
Should I hide away forever?
Should I close my eyes and never again
Hold you tight, call you mine, think about you every time
I remember that it’s over, yeah

You never break, you never lie
You never ever scared of the dark
So why am I the one who cry?
I’m so afraid to be left behind, I think about you a lot
Someone’s like, I can’t stop, can’t stop, yeah, yeah

You never lose in all you make
So I’ve been trying hard to pretend
That I’m okay, it’s just a phase
And everything is going just great
I think about you a lot, It’s almost like I can’t stop
Can’t stop, yeah, yeah

I always knew that this would happen, yeah
You would find a new distraction
I need you more, I need you here more than I would like to admit
Can we let go of tomorrow? 

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