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Miley Cyrus – Slide Away in the Live Lounge | See Lyrics free.

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Miley Cyrus performs Slide Away in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

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31 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus – Slide Away in the Live Lounge – Lyrics new.

  1. Ekku Hyppönen says:

    Beautiful song and good live performance. Love her voice. I just happend to notice one time that the drummer is also pretty skilled just look at him playing.

  2. Erin Coleman says:

    I LOVE Miley but that sweet voiced gentleman in the back sing’n “So won’t you slide away” compliments he like no other! There two tone combo lights up a chord not struck often! GOLD! Thank you for sharing! ❤️

  3. Jordan Lee says:

    Dear Miley , I think you Have done An Amazing job with Happy Hippie , Your Music and How you Soupurt Others for coming out of the Closet and i think you are Literally the Best Person on the Friken planet and Advice. WHo cares about the Haters The only thing that matters in the End is if you are yourself.
    Also Miley Love your Backyard sessions. Big Fan girl.

  4. Loren Alexandra says:

    I LOVE this song. Flawless. I'm glad people see you as the rockstar I always saw you as. The first Nirvana covers during your Miley/Hannah tour gave me life.

  5. Renata Martinkutė says:

    Kids in 2030: Mommy, why people playing with masks?
    Mom: You don't want to know, dear.

    By the way, absolutely stunning performance.

  6. Jordan Lee says:

    Im Kinda Mad that People Where Mad at Her For growing Up and Saying Oh i Miss the Old MIley and Im tired of it i want People to Know if she Became the Old Miley How would that be good for anyone For Us to Get what we want. NO Lets Let Miley and rock Have a Go and do what Miley wants and Who cares if she Dosent go back to her old ways Or new what matters If she Choses what she wants and we dont. Also Miley Is a rockstar InterNational Phemoen and Her Muisc Is Bomb and Its Getting 2.0 And Im HappY for Her. PS. Disney Channel Back In 2006 You could of Made Hannha Montana Into A rockstar Like she Is Now. Miley Is the Coolest and This song Is Iconic Btw.

  7. Nataliee Tapia says:

    A woman who has had her heart broken will give it her all when she has found someone she’s in love with. When things get tough , real tough and you doubt everything and find yourself crying over and over for the same thing, that necessarily doesn’t need to be a man all the time. That can add to it, all you can really do is feel those feelings, get out from that negative state of mind, walk away and ride the waves after that. One day she’ll look back and realize….there are so much things in this life to be thankful for than sliding away in that black hole. I am her, I am the woman with an aching heart, that’s ready to go back to the city lights. In love, happy one day, sad the next, but always ready to be better.

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