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Persona 4 “A Corner of Memories” | Cover by Legendav | Sheet mới nhất.


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best title theme imo

A progressive metal cover of A Corner of Memories from Persona 4.

Whattup people~ I felt like covering some more P4 again because I mean, it’s one of the best. This track in particular might be my favorite title theme of all the Personas. That melody is so simple yet hits so hard especially when you hear it at a certain point in the game. As usual I did a lot of fun stuff with the bass on this one that I hope all you bassists out there will enjoy. Hope yall like!

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Original Artist(s): Shoji Meguro

Everything else: Legendav

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Persona 4 “A Corner of Memories” | Cover by Legendav

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16 thoughts on “Persona 4 "A Corner of Memories" | Cover by Legendav – cập nhật mới

  1. Party says:

    Man you deserve so much more credit that you're getting. Someday the youtube algorithm will bless you, just be patient. Good things come to those who wait.

  2. KnightKing says:

    This sort of cover has no buisness being so underrated, mega glad I found you through Jenny's Heartbeat Heartbreak cover, your instrumentals were sick dude!

  3. PrawzCD says:

    I love that melody so so so much. Persona 4 music just hits right in the feels. I also love the creative liberty you took with basically turning a 1 minute loop into a near 4 minute song lol. Wonderful cover as always!

  4. fabio alan says:

    I found your channel while searching for covers of Persona 4 songs. I am playing Persona 4 Golden and loving it, and your channel is just what I was looking for. Not only you are doing covers of not so common but still great songs, but your videos are really high quality, in video, production and musical quality; and this cover is a great example! You are amazing and deserve a lot of views.

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