Pink Sweat$ – At My Worst (Official Video) – Top nhạc thịnh hành hiện nay.

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Pink Sweat$ – At My Worst (Official Video) | Top những bài hát hay nhất.

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Pink Sweat$ – At My Worst

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Directed by @courtneyloo & @dave_dave_dave__
Starring @pinksweats & @valerie.loo
Produced by @thricecookedmedia
Cinematography by @justinmooredp
Production Design by @parrotpeterson
Color by @gabe_jl_sanchez
1st AC @acheung_
2nd AC sophieeuhh
Steadicam @steaditoby
Production Coordinator @baileyreneehill
Art Direction by @luciasawh
Art Assistant @daevkim
Vfx by @admgreenberg
Gaffer @montysloandp
Grips @connvickt @trebetts
PAs @shai_an & ashleybarreda

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 Pink Sweat$ - At My Worst (Official Video) tại
Pink Sweat$ – At My Worst (Official Video)

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36 thoughts on “Pink Sweat$ – At My Worst (Official Video) – Top nhạc thịnh hành hiện nay.

  1. Pink Sweats says:

    thank you all for showing so much love to this video. more new music coming soon… including the song preview at the end of this video. reply to this comment with questions – i'll be answering em

  2. FN AR says:

    The way they portrays love towards each other is magical. Sometimes being caught up in our worldly life has made us forgot what matters the most in a relationship. It's all about cherishing the one that we love in the best way that we could; it can be as simple as looking at their eyes while talking..

  3. Alip Aqmar says:

    ive been struggling with some personal trauma since i was 15..this song was given by my girl and till today has been my favourite song for me to cope with it.If u see this rie,just know that it really helped 🙂

  4. missgreybunny says:

    As an Asian, I can't express I'm so happy to finally see Asian girls represented in music videos from non-asian artists.

    Thank you Pink Sweats, much respect
    Love this song and the music video is just the cherry on top.

  5. Seventeen's Diamond Life says:

    SEVENTEEN brought me here 🙂 for who doesn't know, SEVENTEEN is korean boy group which recently their 2 members (JOSHUA and DK) did their collab with Mr. Pink with '17'.

    This song is so good, Mr. Pink's voice is so soft and beautiful

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