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Tiny Dancer – Elton John (LYRICS ON SCREEN) | See Lyrics free.

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Elton John Tiny Dancer WITH LYRICS

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tiny dancer lyrics

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  1. Read Books says:

    Young people who might not know, this amazing song is on the amazing album “Madman Across the Water”. In addition to “Levon”, I highly recommend the title track – truly excellent.

  2. Chad Hill says:

    I luv this song and my aunt and uncle were the one that got me into music like this so I'm gonna pain the line "tiny dancer in my hand"for them black background and an open pal with a ballarina starting to do a spin

  3. Surfer MCOC says:

    I’m 35 and as a child I had every word to Eltons greatest hits memorized by 1st grade. I use to sing his songs at a restaurant as a little kid maybe first or second grade. The waitress would take me to the back and make me a ice cream Sunday and let me pick all my toppings! Vivid memories like this you treasure as you get older

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