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41 thoughts on “Under the Sea Lyrics – Lyrics new.

  1. Azariah Reese says:

    ok but hear me out…I just realized, that it isn't better to live "under the sea" because swimmings cool;
    It's better because it fits Sebastian's vision of an all musician utopia.

    question now is, where do the non-musicians go……

  2. Sicilia Luciano says:

    Unda da sea, people killing endangered species unda da Sea, plastic unda da sea ! Humans dumping trash unda da sea ! People over fishing, unda da sea, people leaving trash, unda da sea ! The fish ain't happy ! The fish are sad ! Global warming, all because of the trash unda da sea 🎶 (It's good to clean up and recyle, so we can actually sing this song and mean it.) 🌍♻️🚮❤️

  3. Sad Egg says:

    🎶PTSD, anxiety.
    Crippling depressions there is no question someone kill me
    Please let me be with harrambe
    I feel like shit everyday
    I'm asking nicely do it by drowning under the sea 🎶

  4. EllzBellz 2008 says:

    Y’know how I got here? Well I was in science studying water pressure and particles

    Teacher: The deeper under the water surface you are, the higher the pressure

    Meila(A girl in my class): Under the sea~! Under the sea~!

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