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Wishing – Re:Zero Episode 18 Insert Song (Acoustic Guitar)【Tabs】 | Sheet mới nhất.


“Let us start here, from square one. No, from zero!”

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Here it is, the longest cover I’ve ever recorded! That, combined with the emotional weight that this song carries raised the recording difficulty to an all-time high. And If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you know that these were the lesser dreadful problems I had to deal with to create this video ;_; Alright. I’m finished whining. After a month’s worth of sweat and tears, it’s finally finished: my rendition of Rem’s Wishing from Re:Zero!

With Inori voice being the most prominent in this song, I decided to pay special attention to how her singing changes throughout the song to add in every variation (rhythm changes, melody changes, harmony parts, etc.). All of these were mixed in with my own variations too, of course. For the closing part of my arrangement, I decided to turn the original song’s harp-like background texture into harmonics, which created a sound very similar to a music box’s (something I thought this song would sound especially good on). And with that, I ended it with a fittingly bittersweet Emaj7sus2 chord.

Well, arranging this was surely physically and mentally draining. I’ll see if I can arrange any more songs from this season. Maybe I’ll work on Shigatsu or the Key melody… Or Koe no Katachi… Kimi no Na wa? Very unsure at the moment, so I’ll just update y’all once I start on something.

I’ll make and upload the tabs for this song when we hit 30,000 subscribers –WHICH IS REALLY SOON, SO STAY TUNED! For now, I hope you’ll enjoy my new cover 🙂




Intro art drawn by me
Filmed by Jerry Peng
Re: Life in a different world from zero (Re: ゼロから始める異世界生活) episode 18 insert song
Performed by: Inori Minase
Arrangement by: Tam Lu
Tuning: D A D G B E (Capo 2)
Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

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Wishing - Re:Zero Episode 18 Insert Song (Acoustic Guitar)【Tabs】
Wishing – Re:Zero Episode 18 Insert Song (Acoustic Guitar)【Tabs】

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  1. Simon Paradis says:

    Hi Tam! (or anyone)! i really love you covers and i'm trying to play this one but i dont understand and i can't see exactly how you play the XX00 notes on your tabs… For example on line 34 of the tabs or at 2:04. It seems you just strum downwards really fast with your index or major, but i can't figure out which strings and when i do, it just plays the strings really loudly instead of the dull and deep sound you get… Anyway perhaps you or someone can enlighten me please!

  2. Crushing the Vector says:

    Tam Lu…you have become an inspiration on guitar for my 13 y/o son. He played this for me the other night on his guitar nearly flawlessly and I was practically in tears. He is an incredible talent and I feel blessed that he is looking to talents like yours as a mentor instead of Pop or throwaway singles. Outstanding talent Sir. Thank you.

  3. Sphinx 1 says:

    Thanks YouTube for recommending this I guess.. After quite a few years since this show aired, I still feel depressed remembering what happened at episode 18. Rem and Subaru's conversation, I guess will always touch my heart. Just hearing this song made me remember just how many times I've repetitively listened to the vocalized version.

  4. Shijimi says:

    i'm going through something right now and these lyrics make me relate so well to it and also thank you for this amazing guitar cover it sounds really good, do your best!

  5. Generic Side Character says:

    I’m surprised I haven’t seen anyone comment this after 3 years, but

    Rem: Kakkui tokoro wo misetekurasai, Subaru-kun
    Subaru: Rem
    Rem: Hai
    Subaru: Emilia ga suki da
    Rem: Hai

  6. User Daffa says:

    Asa ni nattara
    Futari me wo awasete
    Tawainai koto
    Sukoshi hanashitai na

    Hareta gogo ha
    Sotto te wo tsunaide
    Odayaka na machi wo
    Sukoshi aruite mitari

    Sonna souzou sae
    Itsu made mo onaji jikan wo
    Issho ni sugoshite itakute

    Datte asa mo yoru mo
    Tsutaetai koto
    Takusan atte
    Kyou mo ashita mo
    Suki da nante Ietara

    Yoru ni nattara
    Hoshi no mieru basho de
    Nemuri ni tsuku made
    Zutto yorisotte itai na

    Furerareru kyori ga
    Sono koe wo sono taion wo
    Motto kanjite itakute

    Datte nando mo nando mo
    Namae wo yonde mo
    Mada tarinakute
    Kyou mo ashita mo
    Sou futari de iretara

    Setsunai toki wa
    Kirei na hana wo kazarimashou
    Kanashii toki wa
    Tanoshii hanashi wo shimashou

    Kami ni hoho ni
    Tada sawatte kureru dake de
    Kurai kokoro mo shunkan
    Akaruku naru

    Datte asa mo yoru mo
    Kanaetai koto
    Konna ni atte
    Kyou mo ashita mo
    Shiawase da to ietara
    Ii noni

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