You – Basil Valdez (KARAOKE VERSION) – Dễ ca nhất cho nam và nữ

You – Basil Valdez (KARAOKE VERSION)

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you karaoke

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36 thoughts on “You – Basil Valdez (KARAOKE VERSION) – Dễ ca nhất cho nam và nữ

  1. Agnes Alegre says:

    I love this song ,.. Kc s taong kmkanta skin nyan Araw2x , pero wla n xa … Imissyour smile every time n ntingin ka skin… Kelan ko kya mrrinig ulit to na ikaw ang nkanta… How i wish

  2. jeffrey martinez says:

    You give me hope
    the strength, the will to keep on
    no one else can make me feel this way
    and only you
    can bring out all the best i can do
    i believe you turn the tide
    and make me feel real good inside.
    You pushed me up
    when i'm about to give up
    you're on my side when no one seems to listen
    and if you go
    you know the tears can't help but show
    you'll break this heart and tear it apart
    then suddenly the madness starts
    it's your smile
    your face, your lips that i miss
    those sweet little eyes that stare at me
    and make me say
    i'm with you through all the way.
    'cause it's you
    who fills the emptiness in me
    it changes ev'rything, you see
    when i know i've got you with me

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