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Will Smith – Arabian Nights
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  1. SuperRaego says:

    My Aladdin Song List(s):

    Most Catchy:

    1. One Jump Ahead
    2. Friend Like me
    3. Prince Ali

    Good Beats:

    1. Friend Like me
    2. Arabian Nights
    3. Speechless

    Overrated Songs: (My Opinion)

    1. Speechless
    (Not many more overrated. Now don't hate me about Speechless, only my opinion.)

    Underrated Songs: (My Opinion)

    1. Friend Like Me (Finale)
    2. Arabian Nights
    3. One Jump Ahead

    My Favorites:

    1. One Jump Ahead
    2. Arabian Nights
    3. A Whole New World

    My Opinion, no need to agree! <3

  2. Kevin Garner says:

    My Cloestest Friend/Crush Grew Up In The High Desserts In Rosamond, And I Watched This Movie For The First Time, We’re Planing To Go Back There I Know What I’m Singing She Posts, Nobody Not A Single Soul, My Closest Friend, Driving To My Home Town A ROSMOND NIIIIIIGHtS !!!!!

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