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  1. しぐれ says:

    So, my singing is too low in volume, I suck at voice expression, the key is too low for me, I don't have the accent to naturally reproduce his singing, and well I'm not an English speaker in the first place, but I totally LOVE imitating this song the way it is sung.
    It just doesn't sound right in another way.

  2. Steven Bell says:

    Mortal Kombat Arabian Warrior
    Steven Bell Tinker Bell Kenny Bell Kathryn Bell Drake Bell Kristen Bell
    Liu Kang Kung Lao Nightwolf Shang Tsung Aladdin Jasmine Buster Bunny Babs Bunny Alvin Simon Theodore.

  3. GrizzledGeezer somebody else says:

    "The Bare Necessities" was one of several songs written by another composer — I forget who. Most were deleted. "Bare Necessities" managed to survive.

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