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Dance With My Father – Celine Dion (Lyrics)
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dance with my father lyrics

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  1. Awesome Miguel says:

    My lovely father passed away last 2 days, and it’s unkind to go back to see him . Because of covid I really misses him . But he’s still in my mind and heart out good memories that we had been treasured each other when I was a little girls.

  2. Iris Lynn says:

    My dad died just 3 months feom now,He died because of sickness and no he didnt have covid,He suffered so much,What hurts more is when he died some people think its covid and they stay away from us,But now I know his in a better place and Ill never forget him☺

  3. Francine Laurin says:

    5yrs ago beloved
    PaPa❤️ passed at age 88
    ..I was not by his side day goes by without a fond thought for him ..the only thing I knew/know through my life that he enormously loved me ..Dear Lord, 🙏 ✨please just one last dance✨ ..merci
    moi, 🇨🇦

  4. Ju nomi says:

    Tatay it's been a years since you passed away but it feels like it happen yesterday…. I miss you so much😭😭
    How I wish you will still here with us😢
    You will always be in my heart
    I love you Tatay😘😘😘

  5. Malatji Grace says:

    Sometimes you would wish for beautiful things in life but the most amazing thing to wish for is to be with your father how I wish he was still here 😥😥💔💔

  6. Lαʅιʂα MαɳσႦαɳ says:

    This played in one of the stores while I was there and u suddenly remembered my dad……..I miss him……why do you have to leave us????? Why?! We love you but you still left us……why???

  7. jhalz M says:

    Dad, i know that we dont get along most of the time and i know that i dont usually show my affection to you as a son. And i know that i didnt make you proud and i have mistakes in life and always let you down. But im trying my best to be a good son to you and to make you proud someday. i love you dad. Happy father's day to you. For me still you're a great and responsible father. Thanks for everything. I wouldnt be here right now and wouldnt be what i am now if wasnt for you. I'm so thankful because of you.

  8. grace pascua says:

    Me my father is so berry good boy thank full mother and father are you good mother and good father me I lov mother and father is me baby but my only she is this ever to me am so

  9. park to the frikin' jimin says:

    Im so jealouse for those who still have their father, he should dance with me in my debut, but he had been left, he died, and he is my biggest lost. Ahhhhhaahh im in tears

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