Funk Flex x @King Von – Lurkin (Official Video) – Top nhạc thịnh hành hiện nay.

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Funk Flex x @King Von – Lurkin (Official Video) | Top những bài hát hay nhất.

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7 months ago I hit Von in the DM, we facetime’d and sent him the track. We didn’t have a deep relationship…. He shared that freestyle on the spot wasn’t his thing but he mentioned that his pen game was mean! He sent me 6 bars… we listened.. tweaked it and he finished the song in about 4 weeks. He let me know he was coming to New York for his album so i asked to shoot the vid! His publicist said he has/likes Hellcat Redeye’s! When i met him he made it known he was gonna hit the drivers seat! 2 days later he passed. I have an interview i recorded that day but I’m not going to release it… no need. After Von passed we couldn’t find the session/vocals/track. Thanks so much to Dj Ted Smooth for working his magic on getting me the vocals to mix. Rest well Von… THANK U FOR THE OPPORTUNITY!

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From the desk of
Funk Flex (Newest member of the lypo club)

THANK YOU TO HIS FAMILY, HIS MANAGEMENT, EMPIRE RECORDS / GHAZY, Thank You for allowing us to put Together a College Fund for the Kids.
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Directed By: @Juganot,
Produced by Funk Flex & BMCBeats, Strings By: Grant Gardner

Label: InFlexWeTrust Films & Records: Tat Wza, Sabrina B., Joe Jaxson, Emma, Nova, HR, AZ, Wil, Mike G., Clare, Seife, Pamela, Juganot Media, Quinn Films, No Cap Films, Basil

A&R’s: Hunter, Jayden, Dante, Alex

Special Thanks To: Maria, Orlando, Shaft, Gabby, Joie IE, Carl Chery, Ebro Darden, Tuma Basa

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Partners: Create Music Group, Crowd Control Digital, Eric & Fred from Collab, Bob Celestin, Eric S. Marder, Pio, TT Torrez

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 Funk Flex x @King Von - Lurkin (Official Video) tại
Funk Flex x @King Von – Lurkin (Official Video)

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41 thoughts on “Funk Flex x @King Von – Lurkin (Official Video) – Top nhạc thịnh hành hiện nay.

  1. SirCastiCxToR says:

    IMO one of Vons COLDEST Verses…..fucking SUCKKKSS to know he (AND FBG DUCK) didn't even reach their full potential (and already both of em was SUPER PROBLEMS), and was ONLY going to get better, bring a different sound from chicago and truly become LEGENDARY figures in rap in general, SUCH A WASTE OF INCREDIBLE TALENTS…..REST UP V.ROY and DUCK CHICAGO LEGENDSSS BOTH OF EMMM

  2. Lee B says:

    Sorry but dude in white didn’t need to be in video is that funk master flex dude ?,
    Vons the real limelight in this 😂 RIP 🙏🏾,
    Beats a banger though

  3. Bryan-Michael Dungee says:

    This aint the flow and delivery of a nigga that was only rap'n for 2yrs smfh… My god that boy was holdn all that damn talent in for all them years… Guess he had to go through the bs 1st

  4. SuckaFree G says:

    "Damn, you know we ain't squashin' no beef
    My dawg got dumped in the middle of the road
    We leavin' this shit in the streets"

    shit gave me chills hearing that. RIP VROY. you may be gone but your music will live on forever . 🐐

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