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This song is from the album, “Together for the Gospel Live” from Sovereign Grace Music. ~

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  1. Child of Jesus says:

    Though Satan should buffet, though trials should come, let this blest assurance control that “Christ has regarded my helpless estate and has shed his own blood for my soul ” ❤️

  2. jlh4jc says:

    Anyone else here post 2020 election? No matter who wins, It is well with my soul because of Christ. God is not nor has he ever been up for election because his kingdom is forever and he will always sit on His throne!

  3. Sheila Lampley says:

    Yes it's well with my soul. My passed away 1999 from inheriting some of my sickness hey Dad whisper from scleroderma after he passed 5 years later I found out I had lupus. This lupus beat me up put me in the hospital put me in a coma but I'm still here. I had a knee replacement 2014 2019 my knee was infected I'm in and out of the hospital the entire year 2020 I'm in the hospital been there in 40 days. The coronavirus hit they put me out of the hospital I was home doing all my antibiotics I had nurses and therapist come and God has blessed me with a wonderful husband takes good care of me. But sometimes I get low in my spirit because I was a go-getter girl a praise leader and I'm sitting down laying down because my knee got infected and I have concrete spacers in my leg. Because of all my past infections the doctors are afraid for me to go to the hospital to get my knee. So I walk with a walker use a wheelchair or cane I should not complain because I still can walk, I still feel my legs I still feel my feet. So it Is Well with My Soul I know God is in control do it there's nothing Sheila can do about this give God praise and glory. It is well with My Soul I pray for you you pray for me in Jesus name amen

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