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  1. deano 1674 says:

    I remember his death on the news in 1991, my god what a talent , voice and performer, I look back now and realise what a !but I don’t know what the word is for Freddie because I’m lost for words.

  2. Ella Susa says:

    Your being missed Freddie till this day this very day shine your light on mankind through your music you had been reaching from stars to show us Love love love love indeed you are a rare kind like a jewel from the Celestial throne mankind does have a special purpose for being in this world Oh yes creation is whom the children of light are Freddie Mercury till we meet again in the afterlife

  3. Yonathan Binimelis says:

    I'd sit alone and watch your light

    My only friend through teenage nights

    And everything I had to know

    I heard it on my radio

    You gave them all those old time stars

    Through wars of worlds invaded by Mars

    You made 'em laugh, you made 'em cry

    You made us feel like we could fly (radio)

    So don't become some background noise

    A backdrop for the girls and boys

    Who just don't know or just don't care

    And just complain when you're not there

    You had your time, you had the power

    You've yet to have your finest hour

    Radio (radio)

    All we hear is radio ga ga

    Radio goo goo

    Radio ga ga

    All we hear is radio ga ga

    Radio blah blah

    Radio, what's new?

    Radio, someone still loves you

    We watch the shows, we watch the stars

    On videos for hours and hours

    We hardly need to use our ears

    How… ♥

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