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System Of A Down – War? (guitar cover) | Sheet mới nhất.


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“War?” guitar cover from the “Self-Titled” album, by System Of A Down. I do not have rights to this song.

Artist: System Of A Down
Song: War?
Album: Self-Titled (1998)


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System Of A Down - War? (guitar cover)
System Of A Down – War? (guitar cover)

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44 thoughts on “System Of A Down – War? (guitar cover) – cập nhật mới

  1. Sparrowhawk says:

    For some reason I have a REAL hard time with stuff like 1:21. I can see what you're doing. I understand it. I know how to palm mute, I know how to pluck, I understand the rhythm…my fingers just….don't do it.

  2. Payam Kamiab says:

    Absolutely staggeringly on point as always. It really means a lot for a guy like me, that you do these covers, it makes the whole process of learning them myself so much more fun watching you. You can always hear when someone plays with ferocity, and its obvious that u do that, just like Daron himself. U inspire many people my friend !!
    Also a little wish, it would really be highly appreciated if you would do a cover of the unreleased Daron Malakian & The Orbellion – Prettiest Girl some day !!!! Cheers

  3. Mateusz M says:

    WOW i don t know what to say your tone is exacly like from self titled War? performance like always brilliant you really should ask system to play with them hah 🙂 ,Q when you palmmuting you only downpicking ?

  4. Mateus Ferreira says:

    Os novos 'arranjos' que eles introduziram nesta canção deixa a mesma com um tom de harmonia… Mas nada comparado com esse solo Old School!!! Como sempre, ótimo vídeo 🤘

  5. Bobby says:

    Found your channel yesterday and I am impressed with your tone! You instantly motivate me to practice some SOAD. Would you mind to add the tuning in future covers? This would help me to just pick up the guitar and try to learn it on the spot. Cheers mate.

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