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Taylor Swift – Reputation ALBUM REVIEW | See Lyrics free.

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Reputation focuses more on the pop star narrative than it does actual pop songs.

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36 thoughts on “Taylor Swift – Reputation ALBUM REVIEW – Lyrics new.

  1. Ilia Masih says:

    just say i didn't care about her story so i didn't care about this album as well
    if u don't care about a topic it's better to just don't review it in my opinion

  2. DantRaise says:

    As longer i get into this channel I'm realising that his taste in music it's too man straight lol, but that's ok Anthony, the gays still love you for caring about Charli and some underrated pop artists

  3. Taylor Reising says:

    wow i'm a hardcore swiftie and found myself agreeing with almost every opinion here lmao. getaway car, gorgeous, and delicate are indeed the best tracks on rep (i also love new year's day though). the thing that's always put me off about reputation is that half of the album is spent feeding into the "snake" narrative of the 2016 kimye drama and being petty/pissed of about it, while the other half is spent trying to convince us that she doesn't care about the drama because she's found happiness and love despite (or because) of it. it's so convoluted and incoherent that by the end we don't even really know how she feels about the situation the entire concept of the album is based on and that's mentioned on almost every track. reputation had so much potential but it just fell flat and is definitely her worst album

  4. Dott Winial says:

    I don’t wanna care about her. But all she does is drama after drama, and defends are all about whataboutism, I just can’t have any positive feelings for her….

  5. Big Nigga says:

    Talking to a girl and said this was her fave album, thank you Fantano you saved me an hour of my life, now off to tell her it’s below average

  6. Vincent Sivadon says:

    Wand to hear an album of Taylor Swift, i picked this one. I really was surprise by the few tracks at the beginning, and really enjoyed it ! I felt the album is less enjoyable the more it went on, and the lyrics omg… But in the end i really liked the album and i'll probably get back to a lot ! But thanks for your detailed opinion !!

  7. James Kovacic says:

    She played a character on Reputation, like she’s done before with songs like “Blank Space.” Plus it was confirmed that Kanye and Kim lied about the “Famous” lyric while illegally recording that phone call. West might be a more accomplished musical artist than Swift, but he’s also lived a longer life and said/done more questionable things than her. I’m not exactly trying to defend Taylor and this record definitely could’ve used some editing with less production, but there’s no denying she gets a lot of unnecessary hate

  8. John Paul Baldonado says:

    i dont want to watch this reaction but seeing the salty comments about taylor, dude she was telling the truth all the time and she's not playing the victim

    the phone call leaked already 5.months ago

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